Who We Are

National Incubation Center Peshawar is a joint venture of LMKT and PTCL that is backed by the Ignite Fund, formerly known as ICTR&D Fund.

NIC Peshawar aims to build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and support the creation of disruptive, innovative product-based tech startups. NIC Peshawar believes that with efficient utilization and allocation of resources, these disruptors will change the way people live their lives. Our indigenous startup culture responds to local challenges to create solutions that benefit the Pakistani society.

Over the past one year, NIC Peshawar has nourished startups in almost all the domains regarding businesses, which has literally changed the entrepreneurial landscape of the region. These innovators have also set a benchmark for the new aspiring entrepreneurs. Two of our star startups, Nano IT Solutions and Aprus Technologies have got international attention after securing 1st and 3rd positions in Pakistan Startup Cup 2019. “Eleven.Pk” is now among the top 50 E-Commerce websites in Pakistan whereas “Bera” is Peshawar’s first startup to be valued at $1 Million. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of innovation that KP holds.

NIC Peshawar aims to uncover these hidden gems. It is following the curriculum and resources of “Founder Institute” which is one of world’s leading incubator/accelerator with more than 2000 graduates and a combined valuation of over $ 15 Billion.

NIC Peshawar is an extension of LMKT’s decade long tradition and commitment towards startup ecosystem. “LMKT” is a full-service technology company based out of Pakistan offering scalable IT solutions and services to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. LMKT believes that the widespread use of IT in sectors like energy, agriculture, education and health care will benefit the masses. The company specializes in smart cities, smart buildings, e-governance, clean technology and agri-tech solutions.

As a company that operates on the cutting edge of technology, LMKT recognizes the importance of innovation in disrupting incumbent industries and finding solutions to some of our country’s most pressing developmental challenges. Investing in local startups and working closely with entrepreneurs is our way of ensuring that the business leaders of tomorrow are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to see their ideas through to the finish line. It is for this very reason that LMKT have invested in many disruptive startups over the last decade.

NIC Peshawar, with all of its partners and advisors envisions to create an environment that enables and nourishes the entrepreneurs of the region and foster a culture of innovation and disruption at the same time.