Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NIC Peshawar has had one of the most thrilling years of its existence during 2021. Even though NIC Peshawar functioned in a hybrid fashion, the startups, audience, and employees have outdone themselves in terms of participation and performance. Over the course of two cohorts, NIC Peshawar has received 727 applications, and a total of 30 startups were shortlisted for the incubation cycles.

NIC Peshawar’s highlight for 2021 was Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s first International Investor Summit with the combined efforts of the World Bank, NIC Peshawar and the KP IT Board. KPIS’21 also became a platform for Ignite Fund to award three startups from NIC Peshawar a total of 1.2 Million PKR as prize money for their outstanding pitches. Furthermore, NIC Peshawar also hosted one of the most thrilling pitching competitions in its 4-year history, known as the “Startup Pitching League”. The SPL’21 was spread over the course of 5 months. The winning startups of the Startup Pitching League were awarded PKR 1 million worth of Technical Assistance at KPIS’21, by the SEED Fund. Another notable event was the week-long Ed-Tech Hackathon initiated by the National Incubation Center Peshawar in collaboration with InnovateX and Supported by U.S. Mission in Pakistan in Partnership with Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021. Throughout 2021, NIC Peshawar has had the pleasure of hosting both national and international honorable dignitaries at the facility. In total, the startups of NIC Peshawar have raised revenue worth PKR 393,245,362, investment worth PKR 593,570,600 and created 1,954 direct and indirect jobs in 2021. We are also proud to announce that till date, 38 of their startups have been led by females and 150 women have been empowered via NIC Peshawar.

For 2022, NIC Peshawar aims to adapt and improvise. Our team is motivated to take on all upcoming challenges and work in synergy like no other. Here’s to empowering, connecting and supporting startups!