NIC Peshawar’s Startup, Teleport makes its mark in the startup ecosystem of the region, after being selected among Top Ten Fellows for Impact Link Social Enterprise Challenge 2020. The Scottish Government and SEED in collaboration with Youth Co:Lab an initiative co-led by UNDP and Citi Foundation launched this challenge for youth-led social enterprises in Pakistan. The awards comes with a grant of PKR 0.82 Million.

The founder of Teleport, Mohyuddin Khan is a doctor in making, with a passion to home-grow electric automotives in Pakistan. He started his journey from a meager PKR 8 Thousand, he started working on lithium ion batteries instead and ended up selling approximately 55 batteries for PKR 2 Million in 4 years. He never gave up on his ambition of making an electric bike. After a survey from 8 of his customers, Mohyuddin discovered that the batteries he had made and sold had directly contributed to a decrease of 128 tons of Carbon emission as well as saving 4 Thousand liters of fuel.

The E-Bike under development is completely developed by the founder and his team, from design to batteries, motors and even the frame to optimize the efficiency. One of the USP of Teleport is its new, innovative, radical and optimized design. Mohyuddin came to NIC Peshawar with a vision and a raw product. Team and mentors at NIC Peshawar adopted his vision and helped him realize it.

“I came with an idea, I had a vision of Elon Musk with no idea on how to get there. NIC Peshawar endorsed my vision and gave a path to achieve this ambitious goal.”

The startup has an amazing vision of not only innovating the automotive industry of Pakistan but also a strong resolve of making Pakistani roads carbon-free. The founder and his team are working every day to make their dreams, a reality. When asked about the founder’s vision about Teleport, the reply was;

“Making Teleport, Pakistan’s First Premium Electric Vehicle Company.”