Technology Commercialization Support

NIC Peshawar has designed initiatives to speed and scale commercialization of technology with the goal of market entry. NIC Peshawar will recommend and provide insights to incubatees of promising technologies, assist with the development and testing of their products, and then help with market entry and penetration

NIC Peshawar will evaluate concepts and technologies developed at the incubator and determine their commercial viability. One-on-one assistance to incubatees in market assessment and technology and product development will be provided. Once ready for go-to-market, startups will be introduced to potential customers. The goal of the program is to assist incubatees in bringing their products to market, and ultimately, achieving market penetration.

The commercialization services would be provided, as needed, to each incubatee and will include:

Market Analysis

Size, demographics, maturity, number of players, etc.

Market Surveys

Revenue expectation, adoption rates, customer reactions, etc.

Customer Centric Design

How to build products/services around creating value for the customer.

Impact Analysis

Using cutting edge thought process developed by NIC Peshawar to get customer insights and impact analysis using mobile technology at very low costs and efficacy.

Assessment of Intellectual Property status & Legal Support

Suitable protection, patent possibilities, legal documents, etc. will be provided.

Review of Operations Structure

Employee agreements, consulting agreements, incorporation status, Board of Directors, investor agreements, etc.

Business Planning

Cash flow, profit & loss statement, business plan development, sales and marketing strategies, employment plans, etc.

Admin Support

Administrative support will be provided to each incubatee by the in-house team of Admin/ HR/ Procurement etc.

Web Design & Social Media

Site design, site content planning assistance, content management recommendations, assistance in understanding hosting arrangements, etc. Also, a comprehensive Social Media strategy will be planned for each Incubatee for online outreach.

Investor/Financing Assistance

Financing options, pitch presentation rehearsals, due diligence preparation, executive summary preparation, term sheet review, etc.

Customer Presentations

Presentation development, demonstration development, value proposition, development agreements, etc.

Design of Marketing/Sales Collateral Material

Message preparation guidance, graphic design recommendations and support, trade name assistance, copyright protection assistance, etc. Experience communication and marketing in-house resource along with the designer will be available to support incubates.

Roadshows, Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

The commercialization of technology products by the incubatees will also be facilitated by regular events to promote the products and ideas. Exhibitions will be organized at the NIC Peshawar where incubatees will be given the chance to display the products in front of potential investors and partners. Similarly, incubatees will be facilitated to attend trade exhibitions and related conferences to present their ideas and products. For attending these, incubatees will go through aforementioned preparation.

International Roadshows/Exhibitions

Every year, Incubatees will be selected for an International trip, where road shows in collaboration with partners will be arranged. These trips will provide incubates with knowledge, collaboration opportunities with foreign startups, foreign investment and international industrial linkages and will help in promotion of their products. Being the world’s technology hub, Silicon Valley, USA will be the major part of the roadshow as it will provide the best visibility to the products. Facilitator from NIC Peshawar will accompany these companies for introductions and presentations to various VC and Angel funds.