World-renowned curriculum customized for Pakistan and carefully blended with local learnings to convert startups into success stories.

Creating impactful businesses in region utilizing the best National and International resources.
NIC Peshawar believes in providing the best available resources to the incubatees to help them grow and achieve their desired goals. To this end, we follow the curriculum of world’s second largest incubator, Founder’s Institute for our incubation program. Leading coaches, mentors and startup ecosystem drivers are called in to mentor and coach our startups. All this with an aim of building impactful businesses in the region.

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What is Hatchery?

An entrepreneur grooming program that tends to dedicated future entrepreneurs by providing knowledge of innovation, basics of entrepreneurship, and shows to startups the difference between employee and entrepreneur.

What does NIC Peshawar offer during Hatchery?

Your startups come into Hatchery mostly in idea stage, where they go through a trial and probation period to see if a sustainable business is possible around it. You are evaluated based on your dedication and progress, aiming to achieve set KPI’s.

How long is the Hatchery period?

Hatchery at NIC Peshawar lasts 8 Weeks, after which you may graduate for Incubation, if you pass all given KPI’s.

FI Curriculum

NIC Peshawar follows an incubation curriculum of the world’s second largest incubator, the Founder Institute Curriculum. Founder Institute has graduated some of the world’s fastest growing businesses amongst over 2000 startups, 45% of which have acquired funding, valuing them at over $15 billion.


Already have a startup or passed the Hatchery?

It is time for you to begin your Incubation!

What is Incubation?

Incubation is the time period during which NIC Peshawar assists in the growth and nourishment of your startup into a business.

What does NIC Peshawar offer during Incubation?

Mentoring Sessions

NIC Peshawar offers professional business mentoring sessions twice a month, where mentors assist your startups with various individual business verticals, all essential for the growth of their idea.
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Coaching Sessions

During incubation, your startup is latched with a coach appointed for them in accordance to your business idea and style. Coaches work closely with you throughout your incubation, following up every week for progress.

Training Sessions

Trainers are invited by NIC Peshawar to target particular focus areas for your and other startups, working towards effective solutions to improve your business strategies.

Mashar/ Bara Bhai

NIC Peshawar offers you the opportunity to work closely with professionals, who help address your business technicalities, every step of the way.

How long is the incubation period?

Twice every year, NIC Peshawar offers a 6 month incubation period. Post incubation, if all KIP’s have been achieved, you may be promoted to our Acceleration Program.

PLUS Program

Incubation complete ?

Now accelerate to success!

What is Acceleration/PLUS Program?

After you achieve the given KPI’s as a startup in the Incubation stage, NIC Peshawar graduates your startup into the Acceleration/Plus Program. Our Acceleration/Plus program is a growth program for you, set after your output generation is started.

What does NIC Peshawar offer during your Acceleration Program?

We at NIC Peshawar latch your startups with the investors by, giving you the chance to pitch in front of investors at different investors’ summits, and events alike. We provide you with a comfortable workspace for the next 6 months within NIC Peshawar to allow your business to officially take off, with exposure visits to different cities and countries for adequate experience and business opportunities.

How long is the Acceleration Programme?

Just 6 months before your business takes independent flight!


NIC Peshawar played a crucial role in our personal and professional development. After working at NIC Peshawar, we don’t feel any regret for leaving our jobs to pursue our passion.

Sayed Muhammad Imran

Founder –  Nano IT Solutions.

I am striving to equip the students with latest digital skills to help them stand out of the crowd when it comes to become an independent earner. NIC Peshawar helped me to chalk down my path toward this goal.

Nidda Arshad Rohaila

Content Writer –  Softhat