A recent report by Neilson (2017) shows that more than 64% of general population in U.S. alone are gamers. More and more young entrepreneurs are entering this industry with innovative ideas evolving gaming every day. Electronic Gamers Pakistan (EGP) is also one of these disruptive startups incubated here at NIC Peshawar. EGP arranged the biggest E-gaming event in Peshawar. Both the founders of EGP hail from Lahore yet they managed to engage more than 800 people at this two-day event including 560 gamers.

The purpose of EGP and these kinds of events is to engage the enthusiasts, professionals and casual gamers to a platform where they can learn, compete, and can win big prizes. EGP will support all the national level player to compete in International events to represent Pakistan.

The most favorite attraction was PUBG, which is an online action fantasy game. PUBG has more than 400 million players worldwide. Cash prizes were distributed among the top scorers of PUBG on both days. Other popular games included, Tekken 7, FIFA 19, Need for Speed (MW)and Dirt Rally.

The event was powered by Pakistan E-Sports Federation. Other partners include Pakistan Cyber Gaming, Naveed Games, VR Here, Eleven.Pk, ACM Society of FAST NUCES and House of Entrepreneurs from University of Peshawar. The event was hosted by NIC Peshawar. EGP engaged student Pro-Clan Members from various universities of Peshawar.