“Reality”, once a concrete form of existence is now transforming more and more into fiction with the rise of VR Technology and its applications in almost every field of life. VR Technology is coining its applications from entertainment and gaming industries to sensitive health, aviation and tourism industries. As Chris Milk, CEO of Within, a VR technology company says,

“Virtual reality is already affecting people on an emotional level much more than any other media, and it has the potential to scale: all you need is an attachment for your cellphone, and you can have this experience.”

At NIC Peshawar, Nano IT, has set off on a mission to revolutionize the tourism and gaming industry of Pakistan with the help of their VR-AR motion platforms. Their win at Startup Cup 2019, the biggest startup competition in Pakistan, validates their hard work and innovation.

The ambitious founders of Nano IT, Syed Mohammad Imran and Mohammad Ayaz, pursued their ambition, and landed at NIC Peshawar after resigning from their previous jobs. Imran and Ayaz are both graduates, specializing in business and engineering, hence fit to step up to the plate with their innovative venture.

When Nano IT arrived at NIC, they had developed their product however were unable to sell it. The major bottleneck faced by the founders was the lack of trust of the national market in a locally produced hi-tech product. In accordance to the needs of the startup, mentor Sayyed Ahmad Masud pushed them to focus on the integral improve their marketing strategies, and expansion of their franchise model. The startup was assisted in earning product certification on a global scale. The founders were also pushed to extend the application of their product to other industries such as tourism, aviation, military trainings and health. The application in tourism industry is live now, in the shape of VR experience of Malam Jabba chairlift and boat ride of lake Saif-ul-Maluk. According to Imran,

“NIC Peshawar played a crucial role in our personal and professional development. After working at NIC Peshawar, we don’t feel any regret for leaving our jobs to pursue our passion.”

Having entertained more than 14,000 customers at their VRHere Arcade, they are now on the road of scaling up. They have already setup their second arcade in Peshawar and now they are looking forward to adopt franchising model to expand to other cities.