The auto industry in Pakistan stands at PKR 370 Billion in which a sizeable share of PKR 20 Billion is contributed by spare auto parts and accessories market (Pakistan and Gulf Economist, 2019). With the emergence of e-commerce there has been a significant need of an online platform in the auto-parts industry as well.

Motortec is one of the players out there addressing this market gap. Motortec is providing a one touch solution through their online marketplace of new and used auto parts. According to Asfandyar Afridi, Co-Founder of Motortec,

“Finding good and authentic auto parts in good price is very difficult, we are trying to make these transactions hassle free for our customers.”

The startups has its own inventory of high run auto parts and have more than 3800 recurring customers. This shows the trust of their customers on their products and services. NIC Peshawar helped the startup in figuring out their strengths and how to build up their business model on them.

“NIC Peshawar helped us identify the loopholes in our business idea and provided us access to world class mentors and coaches to work with.”

Recently the startup has raised round 1 investment of PKR 20 Million to upgrade their inventory and enhance the reach of their store. The founders of Motortec are all set to take this market over in a very short time with their strong will, determination and support of their mentors and coaches.