The one thing common in all pioneers is their ultimate passion for their vision. They are enthusiastic, optimistic and eager to tell everyone how revolutionary their idea is for the world. But to swiftly navigate through the world of VCs and investors, they need to know what excites the people who will fuel the engine.  In order to remove the glitches from their pitches, NIC Peshawar came up with the ultimate toolkit, our Investment Readiness Bootcamp, to prepare startups for their pitching journey.

The Investment Readiness Bootcamp was meticulously designed to cater to all the concerns and shortcomings of the startups incubated at NIC Peshawar. It consists of a series of cautiously curated exercises and activities to inculcate within them the proficiency and spirit to face the sharks of the industries.

The five-week Bootcamp is divided into multiple modules in accordance with the degree of their significance and as a prerequisite for the investment summit scheduled for later. The designed modules will cover everything from market sizing, market research, competitor analysis to building the financial forecasting for the businesses and financial development for the next three years. The final sessions will cover refining and reviewing the final financial and pitch decks. The module consists of inculcating within the startups the ability to forecast their financials and master the art of storytelling. The rigorous training sessions will equip the startups with the advanced knowledge and confidence to tackle the remarks, questions and concerns of the investors.

There is both art and science in developing immaculate financial models and a solid captivating pitch deck and we want our startups to master them both. We, NIC Peshawar, along with our esteemed trainers and facilitators are determined to evolve our startups from jacks to masters of all trades. Regardless of how much revolution and disruption a product or service may cause in the tech ecosystem, It’s equally important to understand and communicate the business aspect of the opportunities one is willing to offer to their clients and investors. One must be able to communicate the value proposition and money-making strategies perspicuously and precisely to those interested and invested in the idea. Our aim is to enable the startups to pitch the potential of their company and product effectively and receive the rightful credit and investment required for them to flourish and elevate their existing state in the market.