Mark Bray and Chad Lykins published a report titled “Shadow Education” in which they highlighted the mushrooming of Private Tuition system in Asia. Due to low investment in the education sector, the parents have to resort to private tutoringto ensure quality education for their kids. Numerous tuition centers have become a brand and are expanding on franchise models. But the biggest concern with these tuition centers is that there is no system of training and monitoring of tutors to ensure the quality that the parents expect.

Two fresh graduate siblings Uruba Ali and Abdul Moiz along with a couple of friends, identified this gap in the tutoring industry and set sails to solve this problem. The initial journey of the founders of Tutors Gateway reflects their sheer determination and commitment to their enterprise. Tutors Gateway is an online platform to connect tutors with the students but with effective shortlisting and monitoring processes.

The siblings landed at NIC Peshawar with their idea without any unique selling proposition. Their coach Sayyed Ahmad Masud worked on their business model to develop their competitive advantage over other companies in the industry.

“We were untrained fresh graduates; but our Coach and Mentors transformed us into professionals.”

They introduced a training system before onboarding of their tutors which no other competitor in the market was doing. Conducted numerous training sessions for their tutors at NIC Peshawar and Islamabad. They also introduced a disruptive monitoring system based on the online feedback of the tutors and the students. These feedbacks helped the parents of the students in their decision making regarding their ward’s educational targets.

“We want to empower and involve parents in the monitoring of their Child’s progress. We value their feedback and develop relevant plans for our tutors based on these feedbacks.”

The founders underwent the phase of bootstrapping in the initial stages. They adopted on ground marketing strategies to save the costs of online marketing by distributing their brochures on the road in scorching heat of August and freezing cold of December in Peshawar. But their efforts paid off very quickly when after only a short span of six months they scaled up from Peshawar to Islamabad. Right now they have more 100 registered tutors on their portal in Peshawar and Islamabad. They are earning a revenue of 0.2 Million a month with more than 30 active customers. The accelerated pace of this startup shows a promise of sustainability and scaling around Pakistan in near future.