Preservation and promotion of dying cultural artifacts and traditional items, through innovation, is an emerging trend in entrepreneurial ecosystem. Zarkun Enterprises was founded in 2017, primarily dealing with hand woven embroidered shawls. They take hand-woven shawls; weaved by the finest artisans in the Islampur region, also called as Mecca of Pashmina and hand woven shawls, in Swat valley. These shawls are then embroidered delicately by female artisans in D.I. Khan. Zarkun sells their products online all the while having an eye on the process from beginning to end, helping promote and enhance the culture of K.P. This process involves the promotion of an artifact which was on the verge of losing its identity with the increase in costs of production and the lack of selling platforms for artisans.

When Zarkun came to NIC, they were already selling their product in the market but there was a dire need of rebranding and marketing. NIC Peshawar provided them much needed consultation and mentorship. With Sayyed Ahmad Masud as their coach, they have considerably increased their market presence. They have realized the export potential of their product and are now looking forward to launch it online for exports.

Zarkun Enterprises is empowering people in the far-flung areas of KPK and providing them with a decent living. Currently the Zarkun family consists of 25 highly skilled weavers and 300 female embroidery artisans. The company is doing their best in providing artisans a platform which has by far been missing. Hand woven Pashmina and woolen shawls of Islampur, are a dying cultural heritage that need immediate efforts to be preserved and promoted. Zarkun is doing an amazing job of keeping this art alive and thriving all the while making money and building a sustainable business around it.