Innovations are completely transforming the face of health-care and medicine all around the world. Be it AI, Robotics, Design Thinking or Big Data, these innovations are allowing healthcare practitioners to provide smart, efficient and effective services to the public. According to a recent Forbes article, by 2026 the Digital Health Market is projected to value more than USD 511 Billion. The VC funding in the Health-Tech startups was more than $ 8 Billion in 2018. Health care systems are a fundamental need of the world and public and private investors are fueling up the innovation cycle of this industry.

Many Startups from Pakistan and particularly KP are coming up with very innovative solutions to pertaining problems in the healthcare system of Pakistan. The healthcare system of Pakistan is still not at par with the international standards which is allowing these Pakistani innovators to come forward and introduce cost effective, efficient and accessible hi-tech solutions to these problems. NIC Peshawar’s startups; Aprus Technologies, Sub-Health, AI Thalascreen, Sweat Cure and Caring Hands are also playing their part in innovating the healthcare system of Pakistan.

Aprus Technologies’ Electrosurgical Unit is one of these ground breaking innovations, which aims to make surgical procedures all around the world, safer and more reliable. These units are used in almost all surgical procedures to cut and coagulate the tissues during surgeries. The existing units, mostly imported in Pakistan, are very sensitive and costly which makes them inaccessible for smaller hospitals. Aprus Technologies’ aims to produce these units on the significantly lower cost than the imported ones with additional feature of incorporating AI into the traditional units.

Sub-Health is another startup aiming to provide a 360 degree healthcare system through an app. The startup has digitized the complete process of patient care. They are using Big Data, AI and Health Analytics to provide smart services to the patients as well as the health care professionals. The app would allow doctors to keep a track and history of their patients without having to check hefty paperwork every time.

SweatCure is another ground breaking device to help the patients with Hyperhidrosis (excessive and uncontrolled sweating). The device is using the Iontophoresis technology with cutting edge features like anti-surge pulsating and variable current technology. The prototype is ready and the founders are now in the process of testing and getting approvals. Caring Hands is another initiative by a bunch of occupational therapists to provide on-call and online therapy services help to the patients. They are building an app where therapy would be provided to the patients on demand.

AI Thalascreen is another AI induced device for the screening of blood for thalassemia patient. The device won’t require the services of a hematologist to infer the blood work for Thalassemia. The device would prove to be a revolution for the countries with lesser number of trained medical practitioners.

These innovators are not only building million dollar businesses for themselves but also giving a great service to the society itself. Healthcare is one of the fundamental need of public and making it accessible and efficient is a great social service. It is these difficult times that we get to know the importance of these medical innovations all around us.