The delivery service industry is growing at a whopping 9% annually. According to a report of Accenture, the industry is expected to touch $343 Billion globally. Major drivers of this industry are digital connectivity of the customers, instant gratification, ease of use and seamlessness. The surge in E-Commerce is another important driver of this industry. Darewro is a Peshawar based delivery and errand management service which is serving more than 21,000 customers every month.

Darewro is driven by passion, commitment and extreme efficiency. The business model revolves around the delivery of goods from business to customer, customer to customer, customer to business etc. They have an efficient system of call centers, mobile app and a wide network of delivery agents.

The founders of Darewro, are management graduates. They came up with the idea of Darewro when they were pursuing their under-grad. They held on to the idea and came on roads when there was no other player in the market. In the bootstrapping mode, they themselves delivered the orders on bikes and cars. They made their way up to become the market leader.

“Why do we always wait for international players to introduce something that WE NEED? This was the question that put me through to start Darewro…”

Darewro landed at NIC Peshawar with the major challenges of IT infrastructure sophistication. They needed a proper system in place for smooth running of their processes and deliveries. Team and Coaches at NIC Peshawar and LMKT helped Darewro to develop their tech stack and application design for smooth operations besides connecting them with tech partners and networks.

Darewro showed great progress over time. They have raised an investment of around PKR 150 Million with an additional PKR 5.5 Million in web credits and other perks from Microsoft. They have launched their Mobile Phone App to ease their customers and are processing more than 21,000 orders per month. Darewro aims to stay ahead of all local and international players, and incorporate the latest trends in their business model.