The recent report published by Coworking Resources in collaboration with shows that there is an upward trend of people choosing to work from co-working spaces. The report shows that by 2024 more than 5 Million people will be working out of co-working spaces globally which shows an increase of over 158% compared with 2020. There are a number of reasons behind these positive trends in co-working space globally.

Imagine a number of unrelated companies using the space side by side. This presents an excellent opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to get insights into other businesses and industries. The practice also brings more business opportunities from the peers working together. Likewise, these spaces provide a ground for growing and extending professional networks.

These spaces also ensure maximum utilization of financial resources of small companies, startups and freelancers. The startups are always short of funds in their bootstrapping phase and sharing the basic facilities is mostly the only way forward. Co-working facilities also offer flexibility and control over one’s schedule.

NIC Peshawar is one of the pioneers of offering co-working space to not only our own incubated startups but also to other regional ecosystem partners. Over the years, our co-working space has been utilized by a number of organizations working in the fields of women empowerment, entrepreneurship, community building, e-gaming, digital media management and others. Besides the basic amenities like workstations, meeting rooms, event hall, uninterrupted power and internet facility; NIC Peshawar also provides a solid ground for networking and capacity building opportunities. Saba Durrani, Program Manager Parwan-e-Khanum shared her experience working as a co-worker from NIC Peshawar,

“NIC Peshawar’s co-working space is a safe haven particularly for female professionals like myself. It is not only an engine for our professional growth but also an amazing platform to extend our networks.”

Co-working spaces like NIC Peshawar, present a picture of sustainability and growth to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs all around the world. These spaces facilitate and provide assistance for the growth of startups and nascent companies.

“NIC Peshawar makes work so much fun in its vivid, bright and organic environment. Getting an opportunity to work out of NIC Peshawar in the beginning of my career is nothing less than a blessing to me.” Habiba, Enlight Lab.