Education is the basis of most development we witness each day, humans come across new groundbreaking inventions and innovations daily, and the bedrock of these is STEM Education. A report from the United States Department of Commerce states that job creation in the STEM sector are growing annually at a rate of 17 percent as compared to 9.8 percent of jobs in other occupations, by contrast, STEM degree holders have a higher income in non-STEM careers as well.

Bit Bots, one of NIC Peshawar’s star startups, is breaking new grounds in the STEM education sector with its innovative custom made DIY STEM Kits and Bots. Bit Bots started as a final year project by students from Ghulam Ishaq Khan University of Science and Technology, the startup is working on STEM education for students in Pakistan recognizing the need of advancement in education for competitiveness on the international stage. Bit Bots provide STEM education services to educational institutes in Pakistan.

“NIC Peshawar helped us in contacting industry networks, the mentorship support sorted the direction of our start-up.” Hamza Karim, Co-Founder Bit Bots. 

The founder Hamza Karim and his team have worked tirelessly to establish labs in institutions across KPK. The STEM labs are fully equipped with the latest technology in STEM education as well as the DIY science technology. The students studying in these labs are provided with kits which are used to explore and learn new things, the students also go through rigorous workshops which are different for each category.

We are currently living in the sixth generation of the Innovation cycle, the paramount importance of innovation and creativity has never been higher. Job givers seek innovative employees who seek out of the box solutions for organizational problems which help them stand out in the market.