MoITT plans, coordinates and directs eorts to launch Information Technology and Telecommunications projects aimed at economic development of the country.

MoITT is mandated to create an enabling environment through formulation and implementation of policies and frameworks,
providing ICT infrastructure for enhancing productivity, facilitating good governance, improving public service delivery and contributing towards the socio-economic growth of the country.

Ignite formerly known as ICT R&D Fund, supports startups and innovative projects that utilize the 4th industrial wave tech to solve local problems.
It targets global opportunities in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Cloud infrastructure & Cybersecurity, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Robotics, NeuroTech and other verticals.
It is on a mission to fix the innovation value chain in Pakistan, and help startups take the risk of innovation to develop the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ignite has established five (05) National Incubation Centers in Pakistan to pursue this goal.
As a company that operates on cutting edge technology, LMKT recognizes the importance of innovation in disrupting incumbent industries and finding solutions to some of the most pressing developmental challenges of the country.
LMKT has invested in many disruptive startups over the last decade, and with the support given at NIC Peshawar, in the form of mentorship, guidance and diferent courses, the startups are provided with the most perfect environment that helps them flourish. It is leaving the biggest incubation footprint in Pakistan, with further incubation initiatives like NIC Karachi and SPARK.
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, commonly known as PTCL is the national telecommunication company in Pakistan. PTCL provides telephone and internet services nationwide and is the backbone for the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.
Being a supporter of NIC Peshawar, PTCL provides startups with mentors and coaches, along with piloting opportunities for their growth as businesses.