Situated in the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, National Incubation Center Peshawar is a joint initiative of LMKT and PTCL that is backed by Ignite, formerly the ICTR&D Fund.

Ministry of IT and Telecom established NIC Peshawar under its National Incubation Center Program. The Center is one of the five incubators created across Pakistan by the Ministry through public-private partnerships.

With its state-of-the-art facility, NIC Peshawar offers a tailored incubation program to aspiring entrepreneurs of the region. Since its inception, the Center has become a hub of innovation, creativity, collaboration and economic development. With the amazing network of mentors, coaches and community partners, NIC Peshawar stands ready to provide best available resources to aspiring entrepreneurs of the region.

NIC Peshawar is operated by LMKT which is a full-service technology company based out of Pakistan that offers scalable IT solutions for developing smart cities, smart buildings, e-governance, clean technology and agri-tech solutions to support the country’s fast-growing economy and rapid urbanization. NIC Peshawar is an extension of LMKT’s decade-long tradition and commitment towards startup ecosystem.